Red Book Credit Services (RBCS) provides access to a comprehensive, continually updated database of the Fresh Produce Industry. In this volatile marketplace, business relationships can change overnight. A steady, qualified pipeline of new opportunities is crucial. RBCS is an essential prospecting tool that assists in ensuring the long-term sustainability of its subscribers´ businesses.


The backend of the application runs on a Ruby on Rails api housed on AWS and the frontend is built with AngularJS.

My Contributions

I was the sole developer for the frontend of this project. The client had a pre-existing website and we were tasked with rebuilding their site in newer technologies. We decided on Ruby on Rails for the backend and AngularJS for the frontend. I worked to implement the frontend authorization, utilizing token authorization connected to the devise gem in the backend. I also wrote the complex search functionality which allowed searching by multiple criteria such as company name, location, business type, product availability, distance, and company rating information. There were also several other features implemented including newly listed companies, saved search functionality, and profile editing. Finally, I implemented specific user role views that displayed specific information and access based on the tier of user subscription.