Sortbox is a web-based applicant review and organization system enabling small businesses to promote, collect and screen applications. SortBox gives you a simple, easy to use platform to help you look great to prospective hires, easily collect all their data and quickly organize them. With SortBox, hiring from Craigslist truly becomes efficient and effective. Easy to use, easy to update, no coding required, with all your job applicant data safely stored in the cloud, so you keep track of all the great talent for the future. With SortBox you build your own reservoir of talent.


This application is built entirely on Ruby on Rails and utilizes Stripe for credit card payments and subscriptions. It also utilizes bootstrap for design, devise for authentication, and omniauth for social media login integration.

My Contributions

I work mainly on the frontend of this project, helping the team to implement new design features and fix any existing bugs in the application. I also worked on the Stripe integration on this project.