UPMC Consumer Portal


MyHealth OnLine is an easy-to-use Internet-based member service center. When you log in to MyHealth OnLine, you unlock a free, confidential resource that can be personalized just for you. Here you can investigate health symptoms and read the latest news in the extensive library of health-oriented information. Interactive features help you devise personal action plans for getting in shape, eating better, losing weight, or quitting tobacco, and Web-based health trackers are available for you to log what you eat each day, your activity level, and your weight.


The frontend of the application is currently being re-built with the latest version of Angular and the backend services are built with .NET

My Contributions

I work mainly on the frontend re-write for this project. I am leading the technical frontend implementation of the Spending & Claims line of business addition to the consumer portal. I also helped design and implement some of the templates used in the pattern library, which in turn populate the consumer portal through backend service data.