My Take on DBC

1 minute read

Nervous doesn’t begin to describe how I felt the day of my DBC interview. I had several months of time in order to prepare but there were still parts of my brain that felt unprepared and told me that I wasn’t good enough for this. But the interview came and went and only a few hours later I had received my acceptance email and a huge weight had been lifted off of my shoulders.

I have spent the last few months pouring through the prep material and trying to absorb every atom of knowledge that I could so I would be the best possible version that I could be when the first day of bootcamp arrived. Those old thoughts still creep up on me every so often but I feel like my prep and my reading on mindsets and pragmatic thinking have helped me to curb those thoughts.

Shereef’s fireside chat only solidified in my brain that Dev Bootcamp is the right place for me. I love the idea of a big experiement where the traditional ideas of learning are thrown out the window and new and innovative methods are used in exciting ways. And because it is an experiment, it’s even more exciting because the outcome is unknown and limitless. You will get from DBC what you put in and I plan on putting in everything I have.

I’m sure I am one of the many baby boots that thinks they are not good enough or that they are going to slow their cohort down and be laughed out the door but the more I read and watch the more I am able to push that thinking from my mind. I know that I will fail but that is part of learning and it doesn’t mean anything other than I’m human. I’m of course still nervous but the closer I get to day one, the more I am changing that nervousness into hunger.

This wolf is ready to eat…