I Think, Therefore I Am

3 minute read

I love this quote by Rene Descartes because it resonates within me about what makes me and the rest of humanity so unique. We all think, true, but another beautiful thing about the human race is that each and every one of us is different in some way and that definitely applies to thinking styles.

Me? I’m what Anthony Gregorc would call an “abstract sequential” thinker. Now this meant nothing to me once I calculated all of the test questions and got my results, but once I started looking at the traits of an AS thinker, it all made sense. “Analyzing situations before making decision”, check. “Learns best when having access to experts or references”, yup. “Applies logic in solving or finding solutions to problems”, definitely. Basically this translates into me being a person who learns well when getting my hands dirty and utilizing people who know more than I do which I feel is exactly the environment that I will be in during DBC. Perfect. But this learning style also has its cons.

AS thinkers struggle with these things:

  • Being rushed
  • Not having their questions answered
  • Expressing their emotions
  • Illogical thinking
  • Lack of clarity to a task or question

I have already struggled with a few of these things during phase 0, big ones being the rushing and lack of clarity. I know that the point of all of this is to put you in a pressured situation to see how you react and to help you step out of your comfort zone and become a better programmer and person. But I’ve already noticed being stressed by the amount of work that is expected of us every week. Now I’m sure that most people agree that this workload is stressful but it’s even worse that it is one of my weak points as an AS thinker. Also I have trouble sometimes in the challenges when it is somewhat unclear as to what is expected of us.

I like having a set path and goals and when it is up to my own brain to figure out where to go and how to complete a task, sometimes it gets a little tough. But DBC is helping to make me aware of these issues and I can work on them to improve and this is exactly what I plan to do. I think a big way that I can improve on these issues is just to stay as mindful as possible about them and keep my stress levels in check, perhaps doing a mental check-in every so often during the day to make sure that I am not drowning. But I know there will always be people at DBC who are there to help whenever I need it so that is another great assurance when I’m in too deep.

I am a big fan of DBC’s no nonsense approach to learning by doing. I’ve always know that I get the most of out things when I can get inside the problem and see how it works. That has applied to anything that I have done, be it solving math problems or figuring out why my parents dvd player stopped working. I respond much more to applying potential solutions that I have created in my head as opposed to learning something by reading.

Ugh, reading… it is probably my weakest learning style. Give me a video or someone explaining a topic any day, just don’t make me read. It’s not that I don’t enjoy reading, I really do. I read the last Harry Potter book in like 14 hours directly after I bought it, but reading just doesn’t seem to work for me consistently. One of the big issues is that I get distracted while reading or I stop focusing that intently on what I’m reading and I focus more on reading faster so I’m not properly absorbing the information. But now that I know that it is my weakest learning style, I can work to make it not so weak as I’m sure we will be doing plenty or reading during DBC if it’s any indication from the reading we have done thus far.

Well that is my thinking style. What’s yours?